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Monday, November 28, 2011


2008 was when it all began! From local radio to internet radio, we have been encouraging and motivating our youth to lay aside the distractions and get back to studying. 2010 was a very trying and busy year, not much time spent on the radio but a lot of time invested out in the field. 2010 let us know that we must continue to press in to develop new strategies and new ideas to help our youth to win! 2011 has been so crazy busy too. It seems the more we do, the more we see that needs to be done. On a recent Facebook status, I posted, "I'm beginning to feel the upgrade to Superwoman status." Now how awesome is that? Truth be told, I don't want to be Superwoman but I'm up for the challenges that lies ahead. Our young people are worth it!

It's now almost Christmas time and I'm saying, wow, we're still here and just as excited as we were when we first got started! In 2012 we anticipate on sharing more great ideas and resources by being more active and visible on our blog and the website. Stay tuned as we roll into 2012. Please visit our websites often for upcoming events and broadcast.